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Monday, July 20, 2020


I've published a novel! Details here.

Welcome to Lachesis' Tales

Grab your favorite drink or snack and sit back as I present to you a variety of short stories.

Since I first started working on the Sea of Moons, I've had many stories work their way in bits and pieces into my mind, but they won't work with the structure I set up there. So I created this site to give those bits and pieces a place to call home.

All stories and characters here stand alone and are separate from those who live in the Sea of Moons. All the tales will have a beginning, middle and end. The length of each tale will vary depending on the story to be told.

This is a place where my imagination and the Sims2 meet to give life to the characters and stories that are screaming at me to be put on paper, or computer as the case may be.

As to when they will be updated, I do not plan to do it on any regular basis. When a part or a story is ready, I will post. But don't worry, I won't leave a story hanging, I promise, as I will always have it mostly if not completely written before I post the first part.


Out of Touch, Out of Time
Where Love is Not Bound by Time
(Paranormal Romance)
Thank you everyone for reading, I do hope you enjoyed it.
(Chapter List)